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Looking for a Fashion Stylist Leeds?

An experienced Fashion Stylist, Leeds based Just Gilly will create your very own new style and look, or simply help in sourcing the perfect outfit for that special occasion.

I am totally dedicated to finding you the best styles, the best pieces at the best prices from High End Designers to the Great British High Street.

Personal Shopper and Fashion Styling Services

Choose from the services I offer whether its working with you on your personal fashion styling, perhaps for that special event, wardrobe detox and de-cluttering or having the ultimate fun with you as a your personal shopper.

Let me help you develop, define and enhance your image and individual style. My aim is to understand you, your lifestyle and get you feeling and looking great.

My fashion styling services are exactly what I call it – ‘Personal’.


A major step your wardrobe makeover is to clean out your existing wardrobe and eliminate all the things that are of no use to you.  Make this a habit at the beginning of each season.


No Alterations required.
Fit with your personality and lifestyle.
Flatter your figure and make you feel good.
Key capsule pieces.  
Statement and Classic trends.
Clothes that actually fit.


Fallen hems, missing buttons, zips etc.
Require minor alterations.
Items that need another purchase before it can be worn.


Too small or too large.
Out-of-date clothes.
Stained / marked / worn out / torn and exhausted.
Any items that are uncomplimentary or simply don’t fit your current lifestyle.
Unworn for Three years.


Have I worn it in last year?.
Does it flatter me / Do I feel good when I wear it?.
Does it actually go with other items in my wardrobe?.
Does it still fit me?.
So, now lets get organised……………………………….

I will arrange items and organise into sections

Work / Casual / Weekend wear / Evening wear / Occasion wear

Remove those items not in season and either store or pack away until next season, this will give a clear view to have to wear and will allow remaining clothes to breathe and not get crushed or damaged.

I will show you how to correctly hang and fold clothes, remove items from wire hangers and replace them on hangers specifically designed for the type of garment.  These felt hangers will allow garments to hang in their natural lines and minimise the need to re-iron your clothes.


This list will become the basis from which you will determine your clothing needs.  List items to co-ordinate with items left in wardrobe this will include a list of accessories.

All clothes that require alteration wont be placed back in wardrobe.


Identify the essentials, basic tees, blazer, new jeans, white shirt, belts etc etc.  Think back to the step where you evaluated your lifestyle and ideal wardrobe, and use this information to decide which types of items would have the biggest impact on your look right now.


Clear the clutter, this is important step in the process of reorganisation.  In every wardrobe there are clothes with invisible, guilty tags attached to them.  They lie in wait to remind you of how much money you paid for them and how few times they have been worn. These clothes will actually cost you money and they take up valuable space in your wardrobe. I will put items in your wardrobe into categories.


  • Start by working on the area of your wardrobe that you’re the least happy with; with just a few simple tweaks, you’ll see the impact immediately.  Let me guide you and help you achieve the perfect wardrobe. Give you honest and realistic style advice on what suits your body shape with fun, quick tips.
  • Show you ‘what to wear’ examples for your different lifestyle requirements.
  • Offer bespoke fashion advice to compliment your age from the latest fashion trends to a Rest assured, 'I have nothing to wear' will be a thing of the past!
  • ‘capsule’ wardrobe and ideal brands for you.

'I have nothing to wear' will be a thing of the past.


Most clients will look to enlist my help as a personal shopper, following on from a ‘Wardrobe Detox’ consultation, to find them the missing pieces to complete their whole outfits.  Your wardrobe will be organised to see what you have and what you need.  A personal shop is also a fantastic solution for those individuals who require specific items, or for those who have little to begin with.  It is now time to bring together for a complete and functional wardrobe.

In advance of our appointment I will perform a ‘pre-shop’.  This involves me performing research and visiting all stores and boutiques to find and reserve key items required to complete your wardrobe and look.  My relationship with the various stores allows me to where possible book private fitting rooms for our appointment.  This means the clothes will be waiting when we arrive for you to try on immediately. 

During a personal shop, we will purchase key and capsule pieces which have been identified as missing from your existing wardrobe that serves your lifestyle and enhances the image you wish to present.  You will also be introduced to styles / colours and collections that suit you.  It is literally an education on how and where to shop.  You will have new knowledge on how to put outfits together and what to wear for an occasion.

Personal Shopping

  • Introduce you to an entirely new way to shop, including new stores, styles and colours to suit your body shape and person style.
  • Show you where to find the best pieces in terms of quality and price.
  • Save you money and introduce new ways of shopping with no more ‘sale’ purchases and impulse buys.
  • Teach you how to accessorise with belts, scarves, bags and jewellery.
  • How to incorporate and shop for current trends that suit the ‘New ‘ you.
  • I will show you and explain when the best time of year to shop.
  • Provide you an insight into what clothes and styles you should be considering for the future.  Lets build you your very own personal style. 
  • On the day I will also provide lingerie fitting service, show you how to wear correct size bra and briefs.  Underwear makes outerwear.

Everyone has individual needs and expectations that’s why I offer a free, no-obligation, One hour, consultation so I can get to know you and really understand your requirements. I will then highlight how I can support you in your personal transformation and outline the costs involved. I am totally independent and objective and not affiliated to any shops. I promise I will save you time, money and you are under no obligation to buy.


Let me help you feel wonderful while we make the most of your Personal Shopping Day.


Fancy a party with a difference??????

Why not stay in and get all your friends / family round to yours for a style party!!!!!! Whatever the occasion it’s a fabulous excuse for a brilliant STYLISH night in.

‘Just Gilly’ Style Party…………………………………..


All you need for a good a party is a host who is happy to have a party at their house with a minimum group of 5 friends who are looking for a fun evening and of course lots of style advice, wardrobe information and of course shopping advice.


Style party will include:

  • Get tips on how to dress for your shape.
  • Colour analysis this will include personal one to one consultation.
  • Latest trends and learn how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
  • Why image is important, fun and informative way on to dress for your current lifestyle.
  • Importance of wardrobe maintenance, show you how to hang clothes and fold correctly to give your clothes longer life.
  • Each person will also have lingerie fit, will discuss how important correctly fitted underwear can make outfits look better, underwear can actually make you look better, taller and slimmer.
  • How to create the ‘Perfect Capsule Wardrobe’.

This is also a great idea for Hen Parties, Birthdays or a Girl’s Night In, my Style Parties allow you to share the price and the experience with friends.

Personal Styling for Women and for Men

My services are available for both Woman and Men who do not have time, knowledge or confidence in 
today's fashion conscious world. I can offer individuals a variety of fashion advice and personal styling services from dressing confidently for that all important interview to a day at the races.